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Animal Communication Level 4 - Advanced

Ignite Your Inner Brilliance, Supercharge Your Abilities, and Cultivate Unbreakable Self-Assurance: Unleashing the Power Within

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Animal Communication Level 4  - Advanced
Animal Communication Level 4  - Advanced

Time & Location

22 juil. 2023, 12:00 UTC+4 – 23 juil. 2023, 16:00 UTC+4


About the Event

***THIS COURSE IS RECORDED.*** Replay will be available after the webinar for registered participants

(you can choose to take the replay or join us live)


It's Starting on 22, July 2023 LIVE Online at 12PM  Dubai - (GST) Full schedule:

- Saturday 22, July. 12 PM – 4 PM (Dubai GST)

- Sunday 23 July.  12 PM – 4 PM (Dubai GST)

This module is designed for students who have taken level 1, 2 and 3 of Animal Communication.

Uncover New Realms of Connection.

Re -discover the fascinating world of animal communication. Gain valuable insights into different conceptualizations and develop essential skill sets for any situation. Master the challenging art of locating lost animals using the powerful technique of map dowsing, combined with visual descriptions.

Learn to provide emotional support to clients during the search for missing pets and explore the profound impact of our own health and emotional patterns on our beloved animals.

Delve into the intricacies of the body scan (intuitive scan) to identify and alleviate any pain experienced by our animal companions. Sharpen your innate gifts, amplify your skills, and cultivate unwavering confidence. As you integrate the knowledge from this module and previous levels, embark on a transformative journey of animal communication.

Gain profound insights, wisdom, and life-changing experiences. Unlock the extraordinary world of animal communication and unleash your true potential.


  • The challenge of finding lost animals and bring them home;
  • Dealing with frustration when you can’t solve problems or change situations;
  • Handling people and their energy (animal’s owner);
  • Things an animal communicator CAN and CAN'T do for lost pets;
  • How to identify if the lost animal is still alive;
  • Practice map dowsing to find the area where the lost pet is located;
  • Deep in death and dying: souls and soul agreements;
  • Reincarnation.


INVESTMENT: - REGULAR $272/- AED 999/-  EARLY BIRD $244/- AED 899/-


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Meet your instructor

Sabine, a renowned therapist, animal whisperer, and healer, has spent years sharing her knowledge and healing power throughout Europe, the UAE, Qatar, and the USA. With a postgraduate degree in regression therapy from the esteemed TASSO Institute Holland, she has developed unique methods to help individuals find balance and harmony in their lives. Sabine's aim is to empower people to discover their higher purpose and create a new reality by connecting with their inner infinite source. Her expertise and generosity have touched the lives of many across Europe and the UAE.

All courses are written & designed by Sabine Poncelet UAE. A Trading name & brand name of Optimizz LLC. All right reserved. About Sabine:

Sabine has designed and written training programs:  - Animal Whispering - Intuitive & Spiritual Development through Channeling - Empowering Sensitives and Empaths  - Communicate with Disabling, Locked in Syndrome by using Mental Telepathy

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Module 5: Advanced Topics in Animal Communication ( on demand)

In this class will explore personal and spiritual development practices that cultivate the qualities of compassion and the inner strength which are required for professional animal communication work. To be truly effective animal communicators, we need to have an ongoing commitment to our own personal journeys of growth, self-awareness, and presence. We can only hear, receive, and be present to in others that which we are willing to be aware of and present to in ourselves. By facing our vulnerabilities, tender places, shadow sides, and places of resistance, we cultivate the spiritual capacity to show up for our animal and human clients in ways that can facilitate deep understanding, transformation, and healing.

Successful completion of this program will lead to an Advanced Animal Communicator Certificate Advanced Topics from Sabine Patricia Poncelet Animal Communication Academy.

Module 6: Case Study Mentoring and Practise in Animal Communication (on demand)

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Please do read our policy cancellation: Terms and Conditions: All courses are written & designed by Sabine Poncelet UAE. A Trading name & brand name of Optimizz LLC. All right reserved. About Sabine:


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