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dim. 07 juil.


Zoom -link will be sent after registration

Light Language Attunements & DNA Activation

Light language Mater Class attunement -3 weeks course Experience the deepest healing and channeling. In this 3-week training program

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Light Language Attunements & DNA Activation
Light Language Attunements & DNA Activation

Time & Location

07 juil. 2024, 19:00 UTC+4 – 21 juil. 2024, 21:00 UTC+4

Zoom -link will be sent after registration

About the Event

If you're ready, we can create a roadmap together for your success in future channeling. 

Mark your calendars for July 7, 2023, because it's a date you absolutely can't miss. 

During this event, I'll bring everything together to help you skyrocket to the next level.

Through Light Language, you'll gain access to a realm of wisdom, healing, regeneration, and activation. I'll share the most important aspects of Light Language with you, including Light codes and how to channel this powerful language. But I won't stop there—I'll show you how to make it real in your life by implementing and integrating these teachings. Get ready for a transformative experience that will elevate your energy and unlock your potential.

NOTE: Readiness & openness is a prerequisite to any class. Being aware of the existence of Beings of Light and/or Interdimensional is a significant asset to recognize this language at its true value.

If you are not able to join for a single day … All sessions will be recorded, and I will show you the path to making this real and getting results in your life that I have never shared publicly like this until NOW.

In the context of deep healing, light language access and activate the innate healing abilities within a person. The energetic frequencies and vibrations carried by light language are thought to interact with the subtle energy bodies, chakras, and meridians of an individual, promoting balance, clearing blockages, and facilitating the release of stagnant or negative energies. 

Light language is often described as a language of the soul or the heart, as it bypasses the limitations of the logical mind and speaks directly to the deeper aspects of one's being. it connects with the higher self, spiritual guides, and higher realms of consciousness, allowing for a profound transformation at a soul level. Through the use of sacred geometries, tonal frequencies, and intuitive symbols, light language can help individuals access higher states of consciousness and expand their awareness. This expanded consciousness opens the door to new insights, perspectives, and understandings, allowing for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and deep transformation.

It is important to note that the experience of light language and its effects can vary from person to person. Some may feel sensations such as warmth, tingling, or energy moving within their body during a light language session. Others may experience emotional releases, insights, or a sense of inner peace and connection. The healing and transformative effects of light language are subjective and can be deeply personal.

 By awakening the dormant strands of your DNA and reconnecting with your soul, you'll unlock the ability to understand many ancient languages from your ancestors and even from other star systems. It's like having a strong magnetic connection not only to people on Earth, but also to your soul family, galactic family, and a deep sacred connection that brings everyone together. During this transformative experience, you'll go through many positive changes and let go of anything that isn't true to your authentic self. This will allow your true purpose in life to emerge, and you'll activate your unique gifts and talents. The best part is, once you learn Light Language, it's super easy to use!

Light Language has the incredible power to lift your energy to a higher level. When you engage with it, your senses awaken, and your brain enters a gamma state. In this state, you become open and receptive, letting go of control and allowing your frequency to expand. This expansion affects your mind, emotions, and spirit, enhancing your overall capacity.

Once you've become attuned, using Light Language is actually quite simple. Just like other healing practices such as Reiki or Sound Healing, the key lies in your intention. Sabine, with her extraordinary celestial gifts and her own spiritual journey, has gained the ability to identify the blockages that hinder the expression of Light Language. In this class, she will guide you through a unique process that helps you clear these restrictions. You'll also receive powerful healing activations to kickstart the unlocking process within yourself.

By experiencing your own Light Language, you'll tap into its incredible power to shape the life you've always dreamed of. Through this transformative journey, you'll gain the tools and practices to unleash the true potential of Light Language within you.

Light language can be transmitted and received in various ways, including through spoken or chanted sounds, written symbols, hand gestures, or even through artistic expressions such as painting or dance.


It's Starting on 11, June 2023 LIVE Online at 7 PM Dubai - (GST) Full schedule:

- Sunday 7, July. 7 PM – 9 PM (Dubai GST)

- Wednesday 10 July, 7 PM – 9 PM (Dubai GST)

- Sunday 14, July. 7 PM – 9 PM (Dubai GST)

- Wednesday 17 July, 7 PM – 9 PM (Dubai GST)

- Sunday 21, July. 7 PM – 9 PM (Dubai GST)



Why are Light Languages so Powerful?

Light languages contain so much more than just the words you hear. They contain sacred geometry. They contain vibration and intention, and they are capable of reaching us on multiple dimensional levels. Light languages are transformative in the same way that sound is transformative. Listening to light languages will undoubtedly result in you speaking a light language that is all your own.

Can anyone attend this event?

Absolutely! Anyone can attend this event. If you're determined to make this year your most remarkable one yet, then this three-week live online event is perfect for you!

All you need to bring is enthusiasm, a curious mind, and a passion for discovery.

In this course, you’ll learn and you'll receive the following:

-What is Light Language, how it works, and what it means

- How to activate your Light Language.

- How to access and open the Light Languages within you for your personal healing and opening of others.

- How to integrate it into your life

- Healing activations to clear the programs that are preventing you from speaking Light Language.

- Activation of the Higher Heart

- Repair your auric field​ & purify your energetic bodies for spiritual expansion

- Throat Clearing to help you with the flow of your language

- Guided meditations to access spiritual dimensions.- Practices to open your voice and allow Light Language to come through.

What can you expect :

Fun, laughter, and lots of yawning.

Information that will change you.

Activations that will make you sleepy and awake at the same time.

Your reality and healing abilities will be supercharged.

You might start sounding funny as you start speaking Light Language.

Preparation before class:

Please be well-rested, and hydrated and sit in a space where you can make loud funny sounds – because you will! Leave all limiting beliefs behind. Expansion requires uplifting beliefs. Have a blanket with you and dress in layers. Some people get hot during the activations and some people get cold.

Have water with you. Also, a box of Kleenex.

Much Love,



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