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2 Full Days Masterclass - Pathway to Enlightenment - Intermediate

2 Full Days Masterclass - Pathway to Enlightenment - Intermediate

  • This is a highly interactive and powerful two-day class, to learn and manifest unique new possibilities beyond your imagination! Opening your inner senses elevates your vibrational frequency, it is a strong transformative power! You will also learn how to activate the dormant strands in our DNA.


NOTE: It's a big file divided into 3 parts (audio and video)

Make sure to mention the correct email address to receive the Dropbox link with all files.

If you are facing any delay please Whatsapp +971 (0) 52 713 7052


This course is unique because the instructor herself is practicing Channeling and learning to develop her own gifts. The system was formulated and created based on her own personal development and journey. Channeling is the next level of working with your intuition that will see you connecting with and bringing through inspiring messages from spiritual guides, and many other spiritual beings. It helps you to tune into your untapped potential.

This course includes a lot of practice and fine-tuning of your abilities that will help you to feel confident in your intuition and life in general. Your guides, nature spirits, ascended masters, etc, exist in dimensions that vibrate faster than ours. Most people can't see, hear, or feel them because you have to raise your own vibration in order to tap into those dimensions. You will be guided to open your inner senses, experience profound spiritual states of consciousness, and get knowledge about trans-personal realities.

Payment plan available. Contact sabine:


TOPICS day 1 :

- Communicate with your higher self

- 24 DNA Strand Activation

- Tapping into psychic ability

- Becoming a proficient clear channel

- Worlds within Worlds (on the energetic levels)

- Reincarnation and the Memories of the Soul

- Past life memories

- Soul lessons and soul groups

- Picture reading exercises


TOPICS day 2 : 

- Effortlessly connect with your spirit guides, and guardian angels through innovative exercises 

- Remove self-defeating patterns 

- Third Eye activation 

- Practical exercises

- Advanced techniques to become a proficient clear channel

- Open up your chakras & elevate your vibration

- Clear your blockages & start to integrate your higher self easily


Sabine’s training programs are very intensive, one day of class is equal to two days of traditional courses

Upon completion, you can progress to the advanced class to improve your skills and gain further practice. 



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Meet your instructor

Sabine, a renowned therapist, animal whisperer, and healer, has spent years sharing her knowledge and healing power throughout Europe, the UAE, Qatar, and the USA. With a postgraduate degree in regression therapy from the esteemed TASSO Institute Holland, she has developed unique methods to help individuals find balance and harmony in their lives. Sabine's aim is to empower people to discover their higher purpose and create a new reality by connecting with their inner infinite source. Her expertise and generosity have touched the lives of many across Europe and the UAE.

All courses are written & designed by Sabine Poncelet UAE. A Trading name & brand name of OptiMizz Life LLC. All rights reserved. 


About Sabine:


Sabine has designed and written training programs: 

 - Animal Whispering 

- Intuitive, Psychic & Spiritual Development through Channeling

 - Empowering Sensitives and Empaths 

 - Communicate with Disabling, Locked in Syndrome by using Mental Telepathy

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