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Recovering After Surgery

Recovering After Surgery

Light Language to help you recovering after surgery. In this recording of 5 minutes and 46 seconds, I have channeled a light language that will help recovering after surgery and to allow you heal faster.


Give your body proper healing energy.

After surgery, it is important to provide your body the needed energy to recover. Protein is very important to the healing process, so choose any form of proteins. Vitamin C found in fruits has also been shown to boost the healing process. Foods which contain iron and B12 help the body form needed new blood cells. Fiber and probiotics boost the immune system so it can fight off infection.


A simple method for getting both fiber and probiotics is eating yogurt and granola. Avoid sugary snacks since they upset the body’s balance and suppress the immune system. Sports drinks with sodium should also be avoided because the sodium makes the body retain water, which can lead to swelling.


Get out of bed

As soon as you can, please get up and start moving. Movement increases the flow of blood, which aids in healing. Walking can help prevent harmful blood clots also. Mild activity helps reduce the chances of developing pneumonia. When the doctor gives approval, start therapy to stretch scar tissue and regain muscle strength. Plain water is great but flavored waters are good too. Fruits like watermelon, strawberries and grapefruit help with hydration.



REMINDER: Light Language is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ directly to your DNA, it is understood by all on a soul level, and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While our mind may not understand the ‘words,’ our subtle bodies and subconscious mind understand and embrace the multidimensional support and healing that the Language of Light offers.


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