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Psychic Hooks & Attacks, Negative Entity Attachments , Curse. - $14,99/-

Psychic Hooks & Attacks, Negative Entity Attachments , Curse. - $14,99/-

In this transmission of 14 min & 35 sec, I channeled a light language infused with the energy, intention, vibration, and galactic codes that will bounce off psychic hooks & psychic attacks and prevent anyone from cording you.


This transmission will also release any existing cords you have attached to you, from any entities or foreign energies. Whether they were doing it intentionally or not, This is generally draining your energy, as a result, you feel invaded by negative thoughts, emotions, and energy in our fields, and generally bringing you down. After listening to this transmission, you will feel free and clear of the attacks, cording, and any other type of attachments.

You may also utilize this recording in some situations as follow: 

Let's say you know you’re about to have a meeting (either virtual or face to face it's exactly the same effect) or read a text, or an email from someone that you have experienced as holding a lot of negative energy, that’s a good time to listen ( before or/ and directly after). 

If your own thoughts turn negative, definitely listen to this recording!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  it’s one of the most versatile and powerful light languages I have ever offered! make sure you don't drive while listening, be in a relaxed environment, and take time to rest after. 


RECOMMENDATION: I do recommend listening any time you feel under attack. It will automatically raise your vibration. That’s how these light languages work. The more light you hold fewer chances you have to get any attachment or cording.


Feel free to leave me a comment below, on how your results.

Much Love,


    55,00 AEDPrix
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