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Unlock Your Abundance $14,99/-

Unlock Your Abundance $14,99/-

In this recording of 2 minutes and 24 seconds, I have channeled a light language that will help you activate the feelings of abundance within you and to allow, and receive all that you have already created but haven’t been able to manifest in your life yet. (Some code are embedded in the drawing I have done, (picture above), visualize it, feel it download it into your system).

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Here’s a link to “IMG_ABUNDANCE.jpg” in my Dropbox: and print it your yourself


Abundance blocks are mainly negative subconscious beliefs we hold about a certain concept, and they’re ingrained into our minds since childhood. In my personal case, I have grown up with a highly dysfunctional family. They were fighting on daily basis about all and nothing, and they eventually divorced. 


I had relationship troubles as an adult. And even I knew, those happy relationships are possible, no matter how hard I was trying to be a good partner, my relationships always end badly after a couple of months/years. Because I have grown to hear my parents constantly complaining, criticizing each other, and making negative statements about love and relationships, those are the beliefs that were rooted in my own subconscious mind. These subconscious beliefs were “blocking”  me from a lasting relationship until I cleared them.


I have also grown up in a home where money was tight.  (I am kind the reality was even worse).  My mother was holding a lot of debt and was always struggling to pay the bills. I have heard things throughout my childhood like “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer,” and all the worries my mother had about there never being enough. These ideas became abundance blocks for Me. and in my adult life I have found myself falling into the same patterns as my parents, at one point it seemed I couldn’t escape debt no matter how hard I works.


I could give many examples, of abundance block and the list goes on and on…The most important thing is to identify and remove the blocks. 


Before listening to the light language, place an intention for yourself, maybe you have a specific area that blocks more than another.


Finally, Abundance blocks, are limiting beliefs, and they become self-fulfilling prophecies due to how you act or don’t act according to your beliefs. To clear it, first, you have to identify it. The reason you might be trying everything that should be working, but not seeing positive results, is likely because you have an abundance block you haven’t yet identified.  


Much Love, 



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