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Womb clearing-  a sacred & powerful place in the female body

Womb clearing- a sacred & powerful place in the female body

In this transmission of 7 min & 24 sec, I channelled a light language infused with the energy, intention, and a vibration that will activate the self-love vibration within your womb. Just sit back, listen, and enjoy the beautiful language. 


The womb is the mystery of all mystery schools.

Is it time to reconnect to your magical, creative centre from which everything is birthed into existence. This is the source from where you create everything in your life.

So what is it that you ready to birth?


As you start to heal your womb space, you begin to regain your power and self-esteem. You allow yourself and your creativity to flourish. You feel more grounded and confident in you body. You trust your choices more and don’t require so much confirmation from the outside world.

Womb Trauma can run so deep that many of us don’t even realize we are avoiding it. This can happen over years, until it manifests physically in our lives.


Energetically, our wombs can also help us shed the toxins of our lives once a month (or however frequently we menstruate). Many a time after a breakup or some other painful experience in my life, I have waited for the blood to come to help release the experience from your body.


Your wombs gather our experiences over the course of a cycle and then go through a sacred process of releasing those experiences, of letting go.

If we do not menstruate, that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t cleanse our systems in some other way. Once a month, we could still light some sage, write down what we want to let go of, and burn the paper, or simply take a mindful bath or shower.


Clearing your womb will help you to connect energetically with your future child prior to conception. In the Native American tribes, women would sit and "call in" their babies when they were ready to start a family. There is a great value to sitting with our wombs, listening to them, talking to them, and allowing them to teach us something about the way life and death, joy and pain, can exist together inside this sacred center, whether there is a literal womb there or not.


RECOMMENDATION: I do recommend listening any time you feel the need. It will automatically raise your vibration. That’s how these light languages work. The more light you hold in your field easier it will be to cope with.


Feel free to leave me a comment below, about your results.

Much Love,



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